Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 1

This would be my very 1st post here in Blogger, so don't judge. 

I've been drawn to writing ever since I can remember. I've tried Tumblr, and also Wordpress but I can't seem to find the right environment for writing. In Tumblr, I write in Filipino, and my posts would compose of my opinions on different issues. In Wordpress, I started writing in the English language but I was not able to maintain my account there so here I am, in Blogger, hoping it would make a change.

Why the username theclothesfreak? 

Simple, because I freak when I see clothes. Yes, I love clothes! Some of you might tell me to go to but doesn't offer an avenue for writing. 

Soooo... Imma take a bath now and this ends my first post! x

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