Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beauty Essentials

(From L-R) VS Island Waters Perfume, The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex BB Cream, Vs Mascara, Rucy's Vanity Lip & Cheek Tint, Sophie Martin Mango Peach lippie, Petroleum Jelly

I am not really into sweet, flowery scents because they make me dizzy and my nose hurt so I stick with perfumes like this one. It's not too sweet and the scent is just perfect for me. I also use VS Pink Fresh & Clean on other days. 

I'm planning to have a separate, more detailed review on this one but to give you an overview, this Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex BB Cream gives the skin a dewy finish, which I really like since I've been clinging into Korean makeup these past few days. It can also conceal dark eye circles, which is really an advantage, since you won't have to use concealer anymore. Watch out for the full review of this product. :)

I love mascaras! This plus the eyelash curler is a killer combo. I don't know, but I have this thing with looong, curled lashes. 

Lastly, the Petroleum Jelly, Sophie Martin Mango Peach Lipstick and my favorite, Rucy's Vanity Lip & Cheek Tint, I almost cried when I couldn't find it in my bag. Seriously. 

 I always use Petroleum Jelly to keep my lips from getting dried up, especially when I'm using my lippies. I apply it twice a day, one in the morning, one before I sleep. 

I can't believe how cheap I was able to buy these two lippies that I have. The Sophie Martin was for Php 79, and the Rucy's Vanity is for Php 80. I love the coral shade on this Sophie Martin Mango Peach lippie, and never did I regret buying this one. You can really find that one shade that looks natural on your lips.

 As for the Rucy's Vanity Lip & Cheek Tint, it is a Korean Makeup brand that is slowly paving its way to the Philippine market. This tint gives the natural flush, not the clown-like blush. It also has Green Tea extract which moisturizes the lips. I swear the dark spots on my lips (due to the "Singapore authentic" lippies) vanished when I started using this. Again, I will make a more detailed review of this product soon. 

And that, my friends, is my everyday beauty (naks) essentials. 


  1. Nice picks, now I want to start having an everyday beauty essentials already <3 Thanks for sharing! :)

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  2. Love this post. Never had something like this in my blog, but I'm also a petroleum jelly lover when it comes to my lips. :)

    xx Diana

    1. I just wanted to try something new, since almost all posts are dedicated to my outfits. Why not something for the face naman diba. Yes, it really does wonders. :)