Sunday, July 14, 2013


What I wore:

Thrifting Treasures Camo Blazer || Thrifted Werewolf Shirt || Levi's Cutoffs || The VIII Shop Spiked Bracelet || Pimp My Phone PHL Marlboro Case || Thrifted Booties

Who doesn't love the military trend? I might have been a bit late, but as the saying goes, "better late than never", right? 

So here's my 1st take on the camo phenomenon. Who would have thought this would come back after a long time? Back then, I would only see it on my father's cargo shorts, but now, it is everywhere! To skirts, bags, cellphone cases, and yes, blazers! I wonder how I never appreciated this trend before, guess I really am always late, literally and figuratively. Lol. 

This would be all for now! Have a great week ahead, guys! 

Credits to Nick Pahati of for the awesome photos. 


  1. I suddenly miss my camo jacket, it is just so heavy and so warming that I can't wear it anymore here in Philippine weather. I guess the last time I wore it was last year pa. :) But yeah, never late than never, its your style and not for anyone. I like it and also your iPhone case, medyo badgal. :D

    xx Diana

    1. Yes, it gets really hot at times. Good thing the fabric of that jacket was not too heavy kaya kahit medyo sunny keri pa din. Thanks! I really like the design of it, a mixture of florals plus my rebellious side. Thankfully, my mother didn't throw a fit when she saw that phone case. Lol

  2. Combo for the Camo Jacket Samantha! I love how you styled this look!:)

  3. I loooove everything!!! The styling, especially your boots! OMG you boooooots~ *o*

    xx, Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie