Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cheese and Spices.

Monday, after buying things for my DIY friendship links, I suddenly had this craving for Pizza Rotti of Coffee and Co. My boyfriend, who was with me at that time, had a class at 6:00 PM but it was already 5:30 so I forced him not to go to class anymore. Yeah, I am a bad influence. >:)

So Coffee & Co., here we go. We decided to go for Creamy Seafood Pesto, for a change. He would like to have Carbonara, but I don't feel like eating one. But if it's your first time there, it is a dish worth trying. They serve the best carbonara. 

Their Creamy Seafood Pesto tastes good, but I found it nakakaumay. 

My favorite pizza ever! Pizza Rotti, not your typical from-the-oven pizza but it tastes so good! Will always crave for this. It's kind of messy to eat, though, but definitely worth it. 

Now I'm craving for Pizza Rotti. Ghaaad. 



  1. The pizza rotti looks so good! Where is this located? :)

    1. Are you from Naga Ms. Mico? :) This is located at DMG building by the way :)