Monday, November 26, 2012

Rough America

When I got my second customized shorts, this time from MTO Customized Shorts, I was beyond excitement to wear it. It perfectly matches my style, not too girly, and a little on the edge. I admit, the blazer is a little off for that hot day, but I can't will myself to stroll around showing my humongous arms to everyone. So I opted to show them my equally large legs, instead. :D

Blazer, Thrifting Treasures || Spiked necklace, Trinkets MNL || Arm party, The VIII Shop | Seraphim | GQ by PinkCloset | Sassy Pink Shoppe || Bunny ring, Seraphim || American flag shorts, MTO Customized Shorts || Red shoes, Vans 


This necklace from Trinkets MNL just shows my love for spikes. When Kuya Vaughn asked me to pick 3 items, I never had second thoughts about this necklace because it just mirrors me.  

Added these colorful bracelets to soften up my whole look. Colorful, aren't they? 

Yet another boyish look from me. I vow to buy some girly clothes from now on. If you'll look into my closet, you won't find any pastels or laces or ruffled clothes there. I was never the sweet type. But maybe for fashion's sake, I'll try more girly ones next time. 

Keep safe everyone!


  1. GAAH I love flag shorts!!! Great styling :)

    xx Daphne of

  2. I love your outfit! Rugged but still have the classic vibe! Two thumbs up! *u*

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!! Check them out on and :)