Friday, November 9, 2012

The Untitled One

Theme for this outfit: Boyfriend's clothes (Part 2)

If you have been reading my blog, you'll know that this is the second time the A-Fash went manly. Did the theme the second time around because there were only three of us who were able to go with the shoot. I was quite tempted actually to repeat my outfit. Mehe. The challenge here is to put another ensemble that is different from my first one. See it here: Borrowed from the boys

Since I've been rereading Fifty shades these past few days, I decided to dedicate my look to Christian Grey.  Something corporate, yet stylish. Aaaaand, the most important thing is: wearable at school. Slipped on this statement tank to make the look more fun. It says," What? What? Whatever!" I kept this look plain and simple, didn't wear too much accessories because the tank already spoke for itself. Blazers are also a closet staple, they make your outfits look "well thought of", when it is actually not. :P

The book is not recommended for kids, though. So don't ever, ever read this book or you'll be punished. By Christian Grey. (Ooooh, I want that. Kidd. Hahaha. )

Thrifting Treasures Blazer || H&M Graphic Tank || Forever 21 Pants

Arm Candies by The VIII Shop and GQ by Pink Closet

Wore this colorful bracelets to brighten up my almost monotone look. Definitely adds a pop of color and made the outfit look less serious.  

Rusty Lopez shoes

PS: I will be holding a giveaway real soon. And a simple makeup tutorial, maybe? The VIII Shop sent me some makeups and it would be such a waste not to feature it here. So why the heck not? :) I will give you a glimpse of what my very wonderful sponsors sent me, mmmm, perhaps tomorrow. When I'm not lazy. Lolol

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