Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy kid

As I am making this blog post, I don't know but I'm just happy. Despite the stressful teachers and the busy schedules of graduating students, I'm in a good mood. For now. So here's a bright outfit for a light mood. How is this for a girly outfit? 

Sweetheart Top, Chi Shoppe Apparels || Collar necklace, The Secret Shop || Laced shorts, gift || Shoes, gift

Got this top from Chi Shoppe Apparels, had to fetch it personally at JRS because no one was at home to get the parcel. Glad I did. I totally love it. Thank you Dara for the wonderful pieces of clothing! Will feature the others soon! 

Decided to pair it with my black laced shorts, courtesy of my sugar daddy. Hi baby! :) He's been complaining I don't wear the clothes that he gives me, so yeah, this is for you baby. :*

Enough of the PDA, back to work. Think the shorts is too short so I opt to wear it with a classy top so I would not look too inviting. Matched the pink belt with my collar necklace from The Secret Shop, to add a pop of color to my again monochromatic outfit.


Hair's getting long now, well, in my case. Especially the bangs. She bangs or no bangs? Mmmm. Let me know what you think! :)

Sooo, that's it for now. Stay safe everyone! Sleep early!

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Instagram: mapagsamanthala


  1. Simple yet gorgeous! :) I really love your style Ms. Sam. :)

  2. nice look. I'm from bicol too.:)
    hope we can follow each other
    anyway i am giving away lovely items on my blog, hope you and your friends will join

  3. Hi Abbey! Followed you :) Nice blog too!!

  4. Hi Samantha, nice blog! love your photos:) Following you now :) I also follow you at lookbook. hope you could check out blog too.


    1. Thanks Marse! Checking your blog right now! Andd, I fan back on LB :) Hope you could leave some comments :) x