Friday, February 8, 2013

Keep Calm and Sail Away

Arrow necklace, Jha Nelmida Onlineshop || Vest, thrift || Sailor top, Sweet Serendipity || Watch, Seiko || Anchor wrap, Mixep Btq || Tarp envelope, Mixmatchies || Bag, Vivienne Eastwood || Striped Skirt, Cotton On || Shoes, Sperry Top-sider

Long time, no blog! Mwaha. I am truly, deeply, and terribly sorry for not being to post something for too long. Been real busy, yeah, the side effects of being a graduating student. Hell yeah. By the way,  I got some news for you guys. :) Remember the IgKnight Inc x A-Fash collab? I got in the top 3!! You can vote for my entry here. Thank you! 


Got this denim vest for only 30 pesos! Great deal, right? 

This tarp envelop is a life saver! Keep Calm and Carry On: Yes, carry my papers, that's right. It is where I store my handouts and books that I need for the day. Definitely not your typical organizer! Truly a blessing to have generous sponsors like Mixmatchies!

And yes, this post is dedicated to my love for anchors and stuff. This anchor wrap from Mixep Btq totally matched my I love Marines top, don't you think? Will feature more of this cutie patootie anchor bracelets soon! Thanks Mitchie for the adorable trinkets! :*

Paired everything with my ol good trusty Sperry to balanced out the girly vibe of the outfit and give a rugged effect on it. 

With my pretty girls! I missed them. Huhu. Will try not to be absent this remaining weeks. Hihi. :)


  1. Good luck on the IgKnight challenge! The bag is gorgeous!!! :)

    xx Daphne of

  2. So sweet, honey.

    Have a great week!



    1. Thanks Nicole! Have a good one too! :) x