Saturday, August 9, 2014


Top, GTW || Denim Skirt, Cotton On || Shoes, Converse 

I'm back in Naga! Hooray! Until Tuesday only, though. I've been missing home a lot lately, and boy, I'm glad to be back. 

So here's another first, me trying to be sporty, in my outfit post at least. In real life, I hate sports like I hate pickles in my burger. If not for the course requirement, you would never, ever find me in a P.E. class. I'd rather bury myself reading books in the library than sweating my ass off running feeling my body parts would fall off. I. Hated. Every. Minute. Of. It. 

Soooo, in celebration of my love for sports, I dedicate an entire outfit post for it. Heehe. Maybe it's the reason why I'm fat. Hahaha. 

Thank you Nick Pahati for my photos! 

P.S. You're still not forgiven for forgetting my birthday. 0:)