Monday, February 23, 2015

Son of a beach

Sooooooooooooo.. Who's excited for summer? Me! I can't wait for new adventures, travel and time with friends. Lol who am I kidding. It is practically impossible to have the whole summer going of out town when you're working already. Sucks, right?

I just want to have a loooooong break away from all the stress. Being a grownup can be tiresome at times. I want the ocean, palm trees, sand on my feet, everythiiiing about the beach makes me giddy all over. I have TONS of plans this summer and I hope I can do all of  'em. I'll share my checklist to you soon. So what's your plan guys? Share me yours below!

That's all for now. Seas the day! x

Photographed by Lou Sanchez

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