Friday, July 13, 2012

Something Bohemian.

Last night, me and my friends attended the Kiriskisan, the JPIANs acquaintance party. The party was held at Avenue Convention Center, at 9:00 PM. We arrived there at 9:30 (Filipino time). We went to TCB to meet ate Jing, one of the owners of Bonita y Elegante, who did my make-up and sponsored my accessories and clothes. Visit their shop, they sell really nice clothes, bags and accessories at a really affordable price. :)

Here are some of the photos:

Warming up. Vain mode sooooo on. Webcam before we left the house. 

While waiting in the registration line, the tables weren't enough for the participants. Mostly because the committee didn't expect that number of participants. Well, we were required.

While looking for vacant tables, we bumped into some friends. It was 11:00 PM already when we found a spot.

While waiting for our food, which arrived at 12:00 midnight. The President was already giving his closing remarks. They should have let us finish first. 

Tickets which cost Php 200.

The food. Courtesy of Shakeys. Mojos and chicken was okay. The spaghetti and pizza was not good. Not good. Not satisfied with the food.

Overall, the party was filled with waiting. But great job to all the organizers, I know it's very hard to organize a party like that one. Make it better next year.

Outfit post.

Necklace, bangles and skirt courtesy of Bonita y Elegante. Top, thrifted. Vest, RRJ. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! x

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