Wednesday, July 25, 2012

University Dress Up Day

This day is the semestral Dress up day of Ateneo de Naga University so you can see a lot of students wearing corporate-slash-party clothes. 

Here is an embarassing story, while my mother and I was going out of National bookstore, we bumped into someone who was wearing the same clothes as I am. So I decided to change clothes. From my colorful outfit, I switched into neutral one. 

Here are some of the pictures:

 Guys, meet my photographer of the day, Dith.

Duday, with her tempting legs. 

With some friends at the library.

Big thanks to the utility personnel for taking a good picture of us. 

Finally, me. 

 A closer look of the outfit.

Top, Unica Hija. Bag and Necklace, Bonita y Elegante

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