Sunday, September 23, 2012

Escape from Wonderland

We were supposed to have a photo shoot today, but due to the moody weather we just decided to reschedule it. So here I am, wanting so badly to have a photo shoot but was deprived of it because of this freakin' rain, had a bright idea and voila! A photo shoot using the webcam. Yes, webcam. 

Introducing my new baby, my DIY floral headband! I've always wanted one, and why not make it myself? No, I was just being kuripot. Haha. If you want one, I'm always open for orders. Comment here or like my shop here and let's talk! :)

And before I forget, the necklace that I was wearing is courtesy of my new sponsor, The Secret Shop. They are on sale now, and don't miss it! 

So that's all for now. Keep safe everyone! Stay away from the rain, or have fun playing in the rain. Whatever suits you. :) x

Vest, RRJ. Cutout top, Pour L'Amour de la Mode. Necklace, The Secret Shop. Floral headband, DIY.

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  1. nice pics
    you are so pretty^^