Friday, September 28, 2012

In the crowd of black and white

I've been in a lot of stress lately, all these paper works and school stuffs are driving me on the edge. You can see it clearly on my face. Cheers to the sleepless nights and the dark circles under the eyes.

I never really intended to join at the Wednesday shoot of the A-Fash, mainly because I was not in lined with the theme, hence the title, and secondly, I had a meeting for our Business Research. But I gave in.
 I. Have. To. Take. A. Photo. Of. My. Outfit. 

I wore this cutout top from Thrifting Treasures, and I love it! I got weird stares from time to time, but somehow I'm getting used to it. Some people should really and seriously keep those weird stares to themselves if they don't want to see me bitchin'. Just kidding. :)

Details of my outfit. 

Necklace from Isotopes Manila

Black bag, thrifted. A proof that nice things doesn't always have to cost too much. 

Jeans and studded belt, both thrifted. 

Eyebags, blogger's own.

So with me, are Joyce and Danica, wearing black and white outfits.

 I'll abide by the theme next time, I promise! 

All photos taken by Jamie. Edited by Joyce.  

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  1. love necklace^^
    nice outfit^^