Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sleepless Nights

My day went pretty okay, but it seems my wallet does not feel the same. I'll post about it later. For now, you just have to bear with my plain face and big arms. 

I'm not really comfortable with the color brown because it makes me feel like I'm Kuya Kim, with all the safari and everything. But for a change, why the heck not? 

 I felt like a Zoo Keeper wearing this jumpsuit. Just sayin'. Hahaha.

Enough with the senseless talks, here are the details of my outfit. 

I noticed I've been doing this pose for quite some time now. Jumpsuit from OlinOne Teendahan

Bag, thrifted.

Wooden bracelet from my cutest friend, Kim. Said it was a gift because I'm brokenhearted. Sweet, right? Cross and Peace beaded braceletes from Sassy Pink

Sleep has been out of reach these past few nights so that pretty explains the heavily loaded bags under my eyes.

All photos taken by Desa Abiog. Visit her blog, you'll see my face. Kidd. You'll find good stuff there. :)

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