Friday, October 19, 2012

Here comes the sun

I've been looking for this Panorama app for so long, and thank heavens, I have it already and I am sooooooooo loving it. 

Photos were taken at Pili Park, Haciendas de Naga. The place is just.. wow. I really hope that this business venture would prosper. This place has got lots of potential and I hope they wouldn't let it go to waste. 

Oh, and before I forget, the Tumblr Bicol Meetup will be held there at October 27. It's a little bit awkward posting this on Blogspot but I really couldn't care less. So, those who are interested in joining our Tumblr meetup you can comment below for the other details. :)

Off with the shoot.

Wearing again my Isotopes Manila necklace, I just love how their pieces transform my outfits from drab to fab. 

Skirt from Thrifting Treasures, we weren't able to take a decent full body photo. You can just refer to the uppermost photo for a little idea how the full outfit was like. 

All thanks to Nick Astig for the awesome pictures. As always. 


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  1. Love the cut-outs on the shoulders! Will be posting these on our page. Thanks so much Sam! <3