Saturday, March 16, 2013


I have been sooo busy getting fat I have completely forgotten about this one. Sorry. Hhi. 

As one of the requirements for a graduating student, we were asked to attend the Job Fair conducted last January 30 and 31st. So there I was trying to make my way through the bipolar weather and just get it all over with. 

Kept my look simple and polished, I wanted something that I could move around freely. And yes, I don't wear heels or wedge to school. I am more of a flats girl. ;)


We were asked to fulfill 4 things, we can just choose among the following: 1. Passing our resume to any of the company; 2. Interview; 3. Job Inquiry; 4. Attend a seminar and; 5. Take an exam. 

So I just picked the easiest among the 5. I passed my resume to Nestle, had an interview with Leesam Enterprise, and attended a talk of Sun Cellular. It was pretty okay, actually.

The Job Fair prepped me with what's going to happen in a few years, when I am already looking for a job. Big help.

That's it for now. This post has been on my draft since forever, and this isn't the only one. Will share more soon! Take care guys! :*

Overused blazer, Thrifting Treasures || Metal tip top, Galaxy Point || Skirt & Shoes, random stores || Belt & Bag, thrift


  1. Love the outfit Sam! Very Chic!

  2. So corporate! Pwedeng pwede na sa outside world. Congrats, Sam! :)

    xx Daphne of

    1. Thanks ate Daf! Hanap hanap din ng werk. Hahahaha!